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Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning

If you want your carpet cleaned right, you need to have it cleaned with a truck mounted carpet cleaning machine. It offers maximum soil removal with minimal dry times. Not every carpet cleaner uses these machines however, mainly because of the cost involved. These are expensive pieces of equipment and not every company wants to invest heavily in their business. We feel that they are worth the cost however.

The reason that truck mounted machines work better is simply a matter of power. They are powered by their own gas engine which provides a number of benefits over portable carpet cleaning equipment.

First, you get more heat. Water temperatures in excess of 200 degrees allow us to get your carpet cleaner.

Second, you get more vacuum power. This allows us to remove more of the water from your carpet. More water removal means much faster drying times.

Third, all of the cleaning equipment stays outside. All of the noisy equipment stays in the truck and we only bring two hoses into your home. This makes the cleaning experience much more convenient for you and allows us to finish the job faster.

Portable Steam Cleaning

Sometimes truck mounted machines can not be used on a carpet cleaning job. This is often the case with apartments and commercial jobs. Don’t worry, a carpet cleaner can still meet your carpet cleaning needs.

In these cases, we will use a high powered portable machine. These electric units are capable of operating on household current. Although dry times will be slightly longer, our dedicated technicians will get your carpet just as clean.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Sometimes you need your carpet to be dry fast. In these cases, your carpet cleaners can utilize a dry carpet cleaning system to get your carpet dry in well under an hour. This is of particular importance to commercial customers, but even some of our residential clients appreciate the ability to get back to normal life quickly.